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Free Roof Inspection

Not sure if your roof needs some TLC? Or if it’s too far gone to save? Click the button to learn about our Free Roof Inspection.

To Repair Or Re-Roof: A Quick Questionnaire

Not sure if your roof needs simple maintenance or a complete overhaul?
If you say yes to any of the following 5 questions, it’s time for a new roof:
1. Do you have multiple leaks?

More than 1 leak (or 1 massive leak) generally means your roof has lived out its life.

But if you’re only seeing 1 minor leak, then a quick patch job will do the trick.

2. Are there multiple shingles barely hanging on?

A loose shingle here and there isn’t a big deal.

But if your roof is constantly shedding shingles like a dog losing hair in the summer, then it’s time to re-roof.

If you only notice 1 or 2 loose shingles, that’s an easy fix!

3. Are your shingles beginning to curl?

Warped shingles means that the integrity of the shingle has been compromised – which poses a huge risk for leaks and blow-off.

No matter what, curling shingles means it’s time to re-roof.

If you have Fiberglass shingles, you don’t have to worry about curling!

5. Are your gutters full of weird specks?

When shingles break down, they shed their granules.

If you notice some abnormal grit in your gutters, it’s probably time for a new roof.

Still Unsure If Your Roof Needs Repairs Or A Full Re-Do?

Sometimes it’s tough to tell what the next step is. Will repairs cut it? Don’t stress - we offer a Free Roof Inspection that will answer your questions.

Can-Tech’s Repair Services

So you’re certain that your roof just needs some quick work done, and it’s good as new. Great! Here are the following repair services we offer:
Shingle Replacement
Pretty straightforward – we simply replace any loose shingles. Remember, if there are a lot, it would be better to fully re-do your roof!
Shingle Patching
Have a minor leak? Easy! We can patch it up no problem. If you have MANY leaks, or a single huge one, it’s likely time for a new roof.
Gutter Replacement

Are your gutters full of sediment? Or do you need to add gutters to a brand-new roof? Learn more about our high-end gutters here.

Please note that we don’t repair existing gutters – we only do gutter replacement!

Torch-On Patching

While compromised torch-on roofs happen due to poor installation or old age (either way, you really should re-roof), we do offer patching services.

Just keep in mind that patching a torch-on will maybe buy you a few more years. It’s a very temporary fix!

Still Have Questions?