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What’s That? You Have A Cedar Shake Roof?

It’s Time For A Roof Makeover

If your home still has a cedar shake roof, it pains us to say that you’re a wee bit behind the times.

We totally get it, though. It looks fantastic. You can’t really go wrong with a classic, wooden look.

Unfortunately, that’s the only thing going for cedar shake roofs.

We implore you to convert your roof to either fiberglass or metal.

Still Not Convinced?

Here Are The 4 Main Problems With Cedar Shake Roofs:
1.   Shakes Are One Of The Most Expensive Options

Although shakes can be the most expensive and they look great to begin with, the colour quickly fades.

2.   They’re Algae Prone

We live in a wet environment. According to an article on Current Results, the Abbotsford area gets the most rain throughout the year than anywhere else in Canada.

3.   They Aren’t Resistant To Fire

Just like with any type of wood, fire devours Cedar roofs. 1 teeny, tiny spark can equal total devastation.

While you can treat Cedar with fire retardants (which adds more cost), there’s still no guarantee your roof could resist fire.

4.   They Need More Maintainance

Wood needs to have space to breathe. More than other types of roofing, you’ll need to make sure you’re staying on top of cleaning debris or moss off your roof


How To Convert Your Roof To Metal Or Fiberglass

Okay, now you get it – Cedar Shake roofs aren’t the best bet unless you have extra cash and a ton of extra time for maintenance.

Your next step is converting your roof to the new material. Do you want a metal roof, or a fiberglass laminate shingle? Here are some benefits each type boast:

Metal Roof Advantages
  1. Long-Lasting – metal roofs last, on average, 40-50 years.
  2. Stands up to Wind – since metal roofs are made up of larger pieces, high-intensity winds don’t have as much grip. 
  3. Resistant To Fire – metal roofs aren’t combustible like some other materials, so rest easy knowing your roof won’t burst into flames anytime soon.
Fiberglass Shingle Roof Advantages
  1. Stand Up To the Elements – Fiberglass shingles wind and the elements really well. 
  2. Gentle On Your Wallet – the thought of replacing your roof or adding a roof to your project is a daunting one. Fiberglass shingles are pretty cheap compared to other materials.
  3. Style Versatility – that’s right! There’s a wide variety of styles and colours you can choose from. So if you have a particular aesthetic in mind, it’s very likely you can create it with a Fiberglass roof.
  4. Decent Life Span – walk on your roof as much as you want – these shingles won’t crack, crumble, or break off very easily. Plus, they generally last for 30-35 years.

Once you know which type of roof you want, the roofing process is the same as any other, just with the added step of sheeting your roof with plywood.

Does Your Roof Need To Be Converted?

You’ve decided that it’s time for a new roof, one that isn’t Cedar. That’s great! Now you just need to give us a call at 604.819.5025 or fill out the Quote Request Form to get started.

Cedar Shake Repairs

If you’re still attached to your Cedar Shake roof and don’t want to convert it, only repair it, then fair enough.

Give us a call to get the ball rolling!