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Have Roofing Questions?

Find answers in our FAQ’s

Have you gone through our site and still have some questions that need answering? Glance through these common questions – yours may be here!

If not, feel free to reach out to us.

General Questions

Yes!  We carry commercial general-liability insurance as well as fire insurance.

We’re also BBB A+rated.

No deposit is required. We are insured and able to take on work without a deposit.
You can pay by personal cheque, bank draft, e-transfer, or credit card. You must let Can-Tech know how you wish to pay before the project begins.
You only pay once your project is complete.

Any issues and changes will always be communicated to you the moment they come to our attention.

If something gets damaged during the project, we’re fully insured to cover the costs!

Remember, always ask your contractor what coverage they have! If they’re not insured, any damage is your responsibility.

It typically takes 2 days for a Fiberglass or Metal roof to be installed. It can take up to 3 days for a Torch-On roof to be installed on a regular BC Box.

It takes about 1 day to work on the size of 1 unit for a strata project (if there’s 1 crew working).

For example, if the strata has 4 units, it would take roughly 4 days for us to roof the full strata.

However, if your strata is on the larger side, it’s likely that we’ll send multiple crews to work on your roof.

Yes – if your budget can’t cover the expense of a full roof, we can work out a phased project with you and your strata council.

The length of a commercial project varies depending on the size of the property.

A 50,000 square foot building would likely take about 3 months to roof.

A 10,000 square foot building would take 8-10 working days.

General Roofing Questions

When asphalt ages, the shingles begin to curl.

This makes it easier for wind to blow them off. When you see this, it’s time to replace the shingles!

While Fiberglass doesn’t curl over time, they do delaminate after around 20 years.

Which means they probably look fine, but you’ll begin to notice sediment in your gutters.

If your gutters have a ton of granule build-up, it means your roof is compromised by age.

If the gutters are blocked by other material, your gutters themselves likely need replacing.

Simply put, age. You can likely get it patched, but if it’s starting to look like a spider-web, it’s a better idea to completely re-roof.

Either it was poorly installed, or it’s old.

Either way, it’s time to re-roof.

If you notice cracks or weathered edges in the shakes, or bits of tar paper peeking out, it’s time to convert.

Read more about Cedar Shake Conversion.